Our Amazing History

This is the original Newland, Tarlton & Co. headquarters in Nairobi, dated about 1906. One of the safari teams has just returned to bring back their equipment and collect their pay and tips. Note the various types of uniforms and equipage for each of the various staff members.

This is the original Newland, Tarlton & Co letterhead from 1904.

Samburu Reserve 1906

One of our Newland, Tarlton & Co. furniture designs, a Safari Steamer Trunk.

A portrait of Roosevelt and his team on safari with N&T in 1909. Head guide RJ Cunninghame is on the far Left of the picture and TR’s son Kermit is in the front.

A photograph from the Roosevelt Expedition showing a performance by Agikuyu warriors outside the then tiny Nyeri town.

One of our Newland, Tarlton & Co. Safari Decor designs, a Safari Drinks Case in full leather with brass hardware.

Here are some of the books written by authors who were guests in a Newland & Tarlton camp from 1905 to the present.

Newland, Tarlton & Co. Luxury Brands CEO Don Young on expedition in Borneo.

The Roosevelt Expedition crossing a river. TR is on the far right of the group, enjoying every minute!

A modern Newland, Tarlton & Co camp in Masai Mara, with a copy of one of the flags from the 1909 Roosevelt Expedition proudly on display.

Welcome to Camp! Many of the furniture pieces such as the Officer’s Campaign Desk on the Right is part of our Newland, Tarlton & Co. Furniture Collection.

Classic Luxury + Sustainable Conservation

Donald Young
Donald Young Safaris
Newland, Tarlton & Co.
Owner & Safari Guide

Newland, Tarlton & Co. U.S. Trademark Registration No. 4,809,345 owned by Donald Young Safaris, Inc.

Newland & Tarlton invented luxury tented safaris in 1904 and soon became the Gold Standard among the world’s elite travelers. Newland & Tarlton guides were celebrated as the most knowledgeable and experienced in Africa and over the years N&T earned the reputation as, in the words of historian Brian Herne, “the greatest safari company of them all.”

Like their contemporary luxury brands – Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Burberry, and Holland & Holland – the name Newland, Tarlton & Co. became synonymous with reliability, understated luxury, and superb attention to detail.

In 2001, I became the owner and CEO of Newland, Tarlton & Co. and it has been my extreme pleasure to bring “the greatest safari company of them all” roaring back to vigorous life.

Today, the Newland, Tarlton & Co. brand is once again the icon not only for the very best in safari programs, but for ruggedly beautiful Safari Furniture and Safari Decor as well.

I have been actively involved in wildlife conservation for over 30 years, particularly with lions and elephants. 20 years ago, I brought in one of the world-experts on environmental impact to evaluate our safari operation and teach us how to live more gently on the land. Our dedication to Sustainable Conservation practices remains at the heart of all we do.

A safari with Newland, Tarlton & Co. is not just a vacation, it is the beginning of a passionate love affair with Africa. Join Us!

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Romance as a Destination
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Newland & Tarlton invented the concept of ‘safari’ as we know it today and brought the “Golden Age of Travel” to Africa. Their passion for excellence re-defined the Swahili word safari to make it synonymous with stylish luxury and romantic adventure. The Edwardian Era was a time that celebrated superb attention to detail, understated luxury, and Romance as a Destination and a safari with N&T was the epitome of luxury adventure.

The modern Newland, Tarlton & Co. are still the masters of the quintessential East African camping experience – blending an unrivaled intimacy with nature, with superb hospitality, great food, and Edwardian comforts.

The Explorers Club + Newland & Tarlton
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N&T and the Explorers Club have been partners in adventure since 1905 when Explorers Club icon Carl Akeley used N&T to outfit the first of his many expeditions in East Africa with them. The Akeley Expedition of 1909 and the Roosevelt Expedition that year were both outfitted by N&T and the two friends met often on safari to share a campfire and discuss lofty ideals.

106 years later, it is inspiring to know that the collaboration continues with the Explorers Club Collection of safari furniture designed by Newland, Tarlton & Co. CEO Don Young who is also a Fellow and active supporter  of the Explorers Club.

Newland, Tarlton & Co. Furniture Collection
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Each piece of the Newland, Tarlton & Co. Furniture Collection is hand-crafted from sustainably sourced hardwoods, stainless steel, hand-forged brass, and hand-worked leather. There is no better test for practicality and strength than my own nomadic lifestyle on safari and their rugged good looks will add that extra touch of romance and adventure to your library, office or ‘Africa Room’ in your house.

We hope our furniture will be not only proud showpieces in your home but beloved artefacts your family will treasure for generations.

— Don Young, CEO, Newland, Tarlton & Co. Luxury Brands